Weathertight Solutions

A leaky home is a dwelling into which water has penetrated as a result of any aspect of the design, construction or alteration of the dwelling, or because of materials used in its construction and where the penetration of water has caused damage.

Water entry can also occur due to the age of the dwelling where a lack of suitable maintenance over a long period of time can result in some quite serious issues that should not be ignored.

Remember, your house is probably the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime.


wt Hirschfeld before             wt Hirschfeld after


At ADarchitecture Ltd we have the knowledge, experience and skills to provide you with professional weathertight home resolutions and we will ensure that the repairs to your leaky home are carried out to the highest standards.

We create premium homes with structural and weathertightness integrity, through correct material selection, correct detailing, and knowledge of current legislation and requirements. We design homes that meet and generally exceed the minimum Weathertightness code requirements.


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One of the services provided by ADarchitecture is the design of exterior house re-cladding using materials that will give both an enhanced aesthetic appeal and achieve building consent acceptance. In addition to providing the necessary drawings and documentation we can also assist in the selection of a suitable builder, and provide construction monitoring.

ADarchitecture has been involved in the repair of both small and large scale reclad projects.