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Design Process

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What can you expect in a project?

Our five stages are:



We can bring designs to life using Autodesk Revit, Enscape and Photoshop to produce presentation drawings, rendered perspectives and animations. Rendered perspectives will give you a better understanding of how your house contextually fits in.


Design (view our concepts page)

Our architectural services include design concepts through to completion, making the whole process of building a new home or renovating a whole lot easier.

From traditional design through to contemporary style, the experienced designers at ADarchitecture are able to guide you through the conceptual stages of the design process.

Initially we will discuss your project. We will require a written brief (style of house, number of rooms etc) and your budget. Careful consideration is given to many factors during this process including aesthetics, budget, site specific attributes, sustainability, energy efficiency, spacial requirements, construction materials and building code requirements.

We present our concepts in a number of different formats from freehand sketches through to fully rendered perspectives depending on what your requirements for the project are.

Following your acceptance of our agreement for service, the first stage is to have a detailed briefing meeting, where we will lead you through your specifics for the project.

It is helpful if you complete some research on the style of architecture that you find appealing.  Websites such as and can be very useful with imagery, as can creating a scrapbook of ideas from magazines.



We will provide detailed plans and specifications to demonstrate how the proposed work will comply with the Building Code. Your local council will examine the documentation, and issue a Building Consent if it’s satisfied with the application.

In some cases, your project will need a resource consent, and may require the services of specialists or consultants.

We can undertake design Restricted Building Work as our Directors and senior staff are all licensed building practitioners.



Within the Wellington region we have good relationships with a number of builders. We prefer a negotiated or design/build type contract. We are also happy to work with a builder that you have arranged or we can put the job out for tender.

One of the best sources of building related information for NZ consumers is available on the ConsumerBuild website.



We have trained staff who can manage contractual and financial transactions during the construction of your building. As projects tend to change, there are always unforeseen elements that may require contractual consideration and we can help with such developments.

During the observation stage, we oversee the construction phase of your project with onsite visits and monitor the construction contracts that are in place.  This gives you the peace of mind that an independent and experienced professional is working on your behalf to deliver the best possible project on time and on budget.