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Mike and Bernadette

“ "We are absolutely loving it! We feel like we are on permanent holiday, it has such a lovely feel to it so how good it that!" ”

Joris and Julia de Bres

“ Just writing to say a huge thank you for all of your work with us on the house! We are happily in our new home now and everything is wonderful.

From the beginning you were friendly, patient, reliable, responsive, and attentive to our priorities. Each time we met a new person in the team they impressed us, and you all work so well together. You gained my trust quickly, particularly in how you worked within my budget, responded quickly to my concerns, communicated with warmth and reassurance, and through the quality of your materials and workmanship.

If someone asked me if I would recommend your service it would be a 100% yes from me, you truly are raising the standard! I’ll always be grateful to each of you for making building our house a positive experience.

It has been a blast. ”


“ What a pleasant surprise to receive your firm's Christmas wishes and the sincerely appreciated goodies. Their receipt will long remain in our memory.
Brigitte and I reciprocate your wishes along with a merry Christmas to you . ”

Helen Waddington

“ We were delighted with AD Architecture’s design of a very functional four bedroom family home, with all bedrooms and living spaces enjoying north facing sun and sea views. ”

Martin Dowse and Baubre Murray

“ Working with Jon from ADarchitecture and Chris from North Face Construction to build our new beach house was a breeze. Everything went according to schedule, and when we asked for changes to the plans Jon was able to do them quickly to keep the project on track. We finished on time, on budget and we love the house. ”

Andre Blenkiron

“ Before building my recent commercial property at 129 Rimu Road, I had never experienced a new build before, either commercially or residentially. I had heard many stories from others so I knew the importance of getting things right, especially from the beginning. When looking for an architect I asked local people and the name ADarchitecture kept being recommended to me.

The commercial property market can be very competitive so I needed a building that not only stood out from the ordinary, but would also be as future proof as possible, while meeting all safety and building standards, and within an acceptable budget. Jon Ambler and his team at ADarchitecture met, and often surpassed these requirements. Jon and his team would often arrange meetings with the builder, tenants and myself so that mutually we could find solutions so that we all achieved a successful outcome.

Now the building is complete, all the tenants, builder and myself are very proud of 129 Rimu Road and are grateful for the professionalism of Jon Ambler and the team of ADarchitecture. ”

Heather & Peter Lawton

“ Peter Davis has designed two homes for us. We have found Peter cleverly matched the designs to suit our personalities.

The first home Peter designed for us was after we had been through a harrowing experience with some city architects. Peter was referred to us and we placed our ideas in his hands and in no time at all we had the ideal home for our lifestyle block. The home worked well for us and our extended family, and we enjoyed many happy times within its walls.

Similarly when it was time to downsize and move off the larger property, he was once again created a very attractive and efficient smaller home for us. This entailed the refurbishment and extension of an older home.

Peter was very easy to deal with. He “listened” to us – a rare trait nowadays.
We were very impressed with the quality of the documentation and professional service we received from ADarchitecture and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them. ”

Paraparaumu Playcentre

“ Jon was able to translate our vision into a spectacular building. We were able to go back to the drawing board and find a way to reduce our costs and he was able to meet our needs in planning and project managing the build. He was gracious working with such a large group of individuals and was able to communicate within our team to meet the goals of the centre. We are delighted to be back in our warm, bright and spacious new building. ”

Graham & Jacqui Nelson

“ We were very pleased with the work produced by ADarchitecture as they took our ideas and wants and turned them into a fabulous home. In other words they were great at listening to what we wanted and turning that into a great design. We were also particularly impressed with all their work with the council as there were no problems at all with documentation and planning approval. We were also really impressed with the ease with which they worked with the builders and engineers on the job as they were able to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Peter and the team are very friendly and easy to work with, so much so that we are using Peter on our current renovation project. ”

Debs and George Pallikaros, Pallikaros Lifestyle Home

“ Having worked with Peter and his team on our last Nikau Valley property it was an easy decision to use them again for our new property. Our new property is a reflection of our changing stages in life, with two teenage children now and one no longer living at home it was important to incorporate both their needs and our needs in our new family home. Peter really understood what we were trying to achieve and the end product is just outstanding! It truly is a pleasure to live in and incorporates our love of entertaining indoors and outdoors so well! Peter and his team are great to work with! ”


“ In 2005 we undertook a major renovation of our beach house at Waikanae Beach and engaged Jon Ambler to provide the Architectural Design component.

Working alongside Jon to make our vision of how our house could be altered, a reality was a straight forward process and we felt that he listened to our desires and concerns to produce a fantastic family beach house to meet our original design brief.

Having had many memorable family holidays at the house since construction, we are as thrilled now with the outcome as we were in 2005 and always look forward to our next break at Waikanae Beach. ”

Kapiti Turf Trust

“ We wish to formally record our appreciation of your part in the building of the Pavilion and changing rooms at the Kapiti Hockey Turf. As you will have noticed, we as trustees are very pleased with the building as is the entire membership of the Kapiti Hockey Club. The design, colours and utility of the building are outstanding both for its core purpose as a hockey pavilion and as an event venue.

From the initial design and through your support in the selection of the construction company you became a key part of our team. Your introductions and advice for the selection of the consultants was most helpful. Your responsibility and professionalism through the building stage with the service from both you and Mike Robertson being the highest quality and support to the Trust.

The support of you and your firm in terms of giving and driving the community nature of the project undoubtedly helped in bringing the project in within budget. ”

Carl Vasta, Tuatara Brewery

“ Tuatara Brewing commissioned the services of ADarchitecture to provide drawings for our new building in Paraparaumu. Over the term of the relationship we have found ADarchitecture to be very professional, prompt and reliable. They have an excellent knowledge of the building code, the Resource Management Act and were really good at solving problems with the Council. Overall, they were really good guys to work with. ”

David Hanna, Director, Wesley Community Action

“ Wesley Community Action valued the leadership of ADarchitecture. They quickly understood our needs and restraints and proceeded to design and then project manage the redevelopment of a tired old building. The finished product is a transformed building that is a delight to work and host people in. ”

Nick & Kelly Robbers

“ Peter was very effective in executing and enhancing our original design ideas. He gave us a great use of space, flow and a connection with the outdoors. His approach was thoughtful and considered, and we never felt pushed into ideas we were uncomfortable with. He was respectful of our budget and enabled us to build a house we love. ”

Tony Fenwick and Phillipa Grimes

“ Many thanks to Peter and team for making the building of our home such an enjoyable experience. We gave Peter a brief emphasising sun and views. We also emphasised compatibility with the rural setting – we wanted a house with external features that would fit into the rural environment. Peter quickly drew an initial design that met our expectations, and building proceeded with few adjustments subsequently needed. We were very happy with the process and remain equally happy with the outcome. ”

Chris and Leonie Beggs , North Face Construction

“ Congratulations to Jon and the team. As I sit here in the heart of winter writing this in my tee shirt the house is ~24" with only Solar heating and while it will drop through the night the coldest I have seen is 19.2" so pretty good considering we have 27m2 of unprotected glass in the room where we are taking the temperature.

I have managed to get out for a bicycle ride the last couple of nights and have taken great pleasure biking around and seeing everyone with there fires on while I think the borer will get our stash of firewood before we get around to using it.

Leonie & I have started to keep some stats on the house & we can confirm that we have exceeded our target of 90% saving over a std NZ home, in fact we have been exporting power through this time when generation is almost at it's lowest so we have saved in excess of 100% & will become cash +ve in terms of energy (not bank balance).

So thanks for your support & its nice to know I'm not crazy & for a small margin over a conventional house you can achieve a big difference in livability & house performance. ”

Phil Stroud and Marian Smith

“ As the first and only home we plan to build, we had high expectations. We desired a home that enabled easy living, and reflected the rural surroundings and our Waa Rata environmental ethos. It also needed to be adaptable over time as our living needs changed. With this brief and our initial concepts, Peter was able to design a home that we are extremely comfortable living in. He provided solutions that met the brief and our aspirations. We felt that Peter and his team listened to our queries and created solutions that we considered were workable and buildable. As our expectations were exceeded we would recommend the team at ADarchitecture to any future home builder. ”

Peter Williams and Helen Novak

“ We have been in our new home for just over a year and what a pleasure it has been. Our new house is the second house we have built that has been designed by Peter Davis and he is involved in a new project with us at the moment. Why do we keep going back to him? Because he has a knack of being able to understand our ideas and requirements and translate these into workable but very desirable spaces. Not only do we love the house but so does every one visiting the property. ”

Denis and Liz Paku

“ When planning the build of our new house, we contacted several building companies and found the best they could offer was to drop a predesigned plan onto our section.
That lead us to contact Peter. One visit to site and two lines drawn on paper (a graceful curve tacking the sun and views intersected by a line to the bush) and we could see that he was listening to our vision.
His final design incorporated all of our requests and fulfilled every part of our brief.
The end result was a warm, energy efficient, sunlit, spacious home with the enormous wow factor.

Peter Williams and Helen Novak

“ We have been in our new home for just over a year and what a pleasure it has been. Our new house is the second house we have built that has been designed by Peter Davis and he is involved in a new project with us at the moment. Why do we keep going back to him? Because he has a knack of being able to understand our ideas and requirements and translate these into workable but very desirable designs. The design captures the views and sun, and provides wonderful spaces for living in. Not only do we love the house but so does every one visiting the property. ”