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ADa Modular Design

What is ADa Modular Design?

ADa Modular Design is an architecturally designed residential system made up of module combinations configured to suit your requirements. These have been pre-designed to help you save on design fees and various other build costs whilst still being able to enjoy an architecturally designed home.


How does ADa Modular Design work?

There are five “styles” to choose from with many different cladding, roofing and additional features available to refine the design to suit your individual taste. Please try our design tool on the right hand side of this page to come up with the perfect exterior “look” for you. We will then email you the concept drawings.

From here email us any changes to the standard plan (e.g. combine bed 2 & 3, combine toilet and bathroom etc.), any additional rooms (e.g. garage, study, separate lounge) and any other items that you may require (different style, roof shape, cladding option). We will then provide individualised concept plans for your consideration.

Design costs will be advised upon receiving your enquiry.

Once you have selected your preferred combination, the specification is finalised and the construction documentation is completed. Depending on how you would like to manage your project, we can then provide the following services:

1.   Approved building consent for your selected design on your site of choice and ready to build by your preferred contractor on site.
2.   Approved building consent for your selected design on your site of choice and we manage the full build process for you on site.
Note: pre-fabrication of the house off-site and transport / install on site may be possible. If this option is desirable please contact us directly to discuss.


Can I have an energy efficient ADa Modular Design?

An ADa Modular Design house has been designed as a Superhome and has a minimum Homestar rating of six star. This means that the house is highly insulated, premium double glazed, designed for solar gain and of a size that can be easily heated.

Other features, such as solar / PV panels, in slab heating etc. can be added to suit your requirements and budget constraints.


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The copyright and the other intellectual property rights in the design and documentation (including electronic files) and any other material relating to the project shall be owned by ADarchitecture Limited. Once the building contract has been approved, the client shall have non-exclusive license to use the design and documentation for their specific project only (but shall have no right to access electronic files).

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